Jun 28, 2019
  • China Knitting R&D Centre (that is sinotricot Technology Co., Ltd. Creative R&D Centre), is under the guidance of China Knitting Industry Association, which was founded by sinotricot Technology Co., Ltd., with many outstanding industry enterprises to provide industrial product development solutions. Our centre has more than 40 professional research and developing staff and more than 50 computerized flat knitting machines,which is various gauge.

  • Our centre is composed of research and release of popular trend, development of knitting pattern, cooperation of product development and other core systems. The centre has assembled various fields advantages ,for example: universities, raw materials supply, weaving equipment manufacturing, garment processing and manufacturing, finishing technology and other relevant fields, forming the organic connection from the design, raw material supply, equipment technology, processing and production,which is between the upper, middle and lower , to realize the effective integration of the knitting computer machine products.

  • By the end of December 2018, more than 160 leading yarn enterprises have become the cooperative partner of our centre.

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  • China Knitting Technology Research and Development Center
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  • Business cooperation (primary service)

    (1)Researching and releasing knitting popular trend.

    (2)Designing and developing knitting patterns (currently, there are more than 10000 self-developed knitting patterns in the central warehouse, and more than 400 knitting patterns are continuously developed each year.)

    (3)Developing and manufacturing sample garment(our center is equipped with 45 knitting computer machines from 3 gauge to 16 gauge, to assist the customer completing the sample garment quickly and provide detailed technical information).

    (4)Carrying on small amount order of upmarket knitwear.

  • Cooperation company (main type of customer)

    (1)Brand Company

    (2)Trading Company

    (3)The company with other brand

    (4)Yarn production and trading company

    (5)Independent designers and brands

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