Service Center
  • Before service
    A.Introduce our products, and recommend the machine disposition depending on the needs of customers.

    B.Providing pattern program and technical training.
  • Middle service
    A.Choice the suitable package for machines.

    B.Dispatch machine on time as confirmed in contract.

    C.Arrange technician to setup machine and make record.
  • After sale service and Technical support
    A.Focus on solving technical difficulties for customers, providing equipment management software upgrades, pattern design, device maintain service, ensure machine working in the most effective way.

    B.Through a service team consisting of professionals, systematic resource management, and multiple outlets across the world to provide customers with low-cost, high-efficiency and unified localization services.

    C.Customer service phone, you can call our helpline to ask related questions when you encounter all problems during the use of the device.


  • Run your production without stops.

    Our target is to provide an optimum spare parts supply service.

  • Worldwide and quick delivery of spare parts
    Absolutely high precision and quality
    Representatives in more than 20 countries
    More than 4.000 spare parts in stock for immediate delivery
    One-year warranty for spare Parts
    To identify the correct part please check the electronic spare Parts catalogue

  • For direct orders or questions please contact us under


  • Helpline with qualified technicians from different areas: service, patterning technique and development.

  • With the Helpline, we ensure that the right expert is available. Our expert service specialists and application technicians support you directly by E-mail in Chinese or English.

  • Helpline
    Ms. Connie Zheng
    Phone: +86-512-52023967


  • We offer you a wide range of training classes for all our LONGXING products.

  • Every year, LONGXING qualifies more than 800 experts from all over the world.

  • L-one and all other software solutions.

    For details please contact our helpline:

  • Ms. Connie Zheng
    Phone: +86-512-52023967

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