LXC and Premium Series Sweater Machine
LXC and Premium Series Sweater Machine
LXC and Premium Series Sweater Machine
LXC and Premium Series Sweater Machine
  • Introduction
  • Parameter
  • the premium model integrates various high and new technologies such as high-speed small carriage , dynamic density control function , fast return technology, two-way stitch decreasing and continuous knitting innovative technology. Combined with KDS knitting design and program making system, integrated with many software modules, each modules are in-depth integration,and sweater orders to production for customer . The comprehensive upper, middle and lower cleaning system (needle bed cleaning system, scissors cleaning device and cloth board cleaning system) provides reliable guarantee for the continuous and stable production of the machine.

  • The clean system within cutter: Automatic clean the yarn debris within the cutter
  • The clean system within fabric receiv-er: Help the fabric dropping and maintain cleaning for the fabric receiver.
  • The new side tensioner: It reacts fast and be sensitive for the yarn feed- ing, and keep yarn tension stable.
  • Dynamic stitch:The size of stitch within the same knitting row is adjustable within 20 degrees.
  • Fast inversion : The new carriage and the high performance servo technology achieve fast inversion and increase the production of 10%-20%.
  • New top tension: Innovative design top tension with electronic interaction.
  • The dean system within the needle bed: Automatic clean the dust and lint ciently over the needle bed.


3G / 3.5G / 5G / 7G / 8G / 9G / 10G / 12G / 14G / 16G / 18G / 7G multi-gauge / 14G multi-gauge


52 inch(3G / 3.5G be 60inch)

Carriage system

Single carriage-double system / three system

Running speed

Maximum speed 1.4m/s


Driven by servo motor, maximum L&R racking distance up to 2 inch

Needle selection system

8 levels of selecting needle, Preliminary needle selection system


Driven by step motor,adjust according to different fabrics

Auto-stop equipment

Yarn breakage,yarn knot,rewind,impact,piece finish,overload,Specific stop,program error etc

Safety equipment

all covers can reduce noise and dust protenction,infraed stop sensing,emergency stop,out-off device

Pull-down equipment

Top roller,comb,segmented regulation

Needle pushing-up device

Independent device control,select needle faster

Power consumption

Voltage:AC220V/380V frequency:50Hz/60Hz        capacity:1.5KW(double system) 2.0KW(three system)









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